Issue 10 is a continuation of our last┬ádrunken Super Villain Team Up! Part 2 of this podcast is probably even less kid friendly or safe for work. In this episode we get even louder than the first time (the booze is really kicking in). In this backwards episode we chat (things get derailed…a lot) with our spouses about what it’s like living with a collector and a handful of other things that I can only remember by listening to the podcast! Really it was just Paul and I talking in front of the 2 people that knew they would have to drive one of us home and pray the other could walk up the stairs on his own.

Please enjoy our drunken comicbook tangents and please podcast responsibly.

For the record Paul did not drive home and I did not make it up the stairs.

Written by Nerdebrates

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  • Christina (I need a nickname), aka Christina the librarian
    December 1, 2016 at 2:06 pm

    As one of your three avid listeners, I feel compelled to write. I want to write about the fact that I am in a collector / non-collector relationship. It’s hard for me to admit. And although I truly enjoy having 20+ long boxes in our basement, I have to vent about one of my favorite out of my partners collections. A few years ago, he bought all of the Disney princess Barbie dolls “for our daughters”. Yep, you heard me right. Dolls in boxes that haven’t been opened, and that my daughters can barely look at (…through a glass case). They’re stored high up on a shelf, safe and protected! But, they’re for our daughters, so that’s special. We also like to “Netflix and chill”, or as he would explain it, i watch Netflix in bed, while he watches superhero movies in the basement! Ha ha!

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