Are you one of those people who went to a convention and found out upon your arrival you didn’t have your tickets or other necessities? Yes we are those people too! You’re not alone this convention season, we have your back!

Here is a list of items that will help solidify a great comic convention experience and remember nerds, wash the stink off your body.


  1. Positive Attitude
  2. Start the day fresh
  3. ID/Wallet
  4. Event App
  5. Take deodorant and mouth wash or gum
  6. Shoes and clothing layers
  7. Bag of choice
  8. Comic holder
  9. Poster tube
  10. Business cards
  11. Pens, sharpies, sketch book, pad of paper, special book
  12. Charger & / or battery pack
  13. Tickets, reservations, lanyards, passes
  14. Snacks & water bottle
  15. Schedule your day (somewhat)
    1. Talks
    2. Comics
  16. Parking, carpool, transit
  17. CASH
  18. Designated meeting place
  19. Respect for the organizers, the booths and the artists!
    1. Throw your garbage out
    2. Vendor booths
      1. Ask about access, touching, entrance
      2. Be mindful of the vendors time, they are a business and have to serve thousands of people
      3. Don’t start your conversations by asking for a deal
    3. Artist booth
      1. These are professionals and this is their job and hard work, expect to pay for sketches/artwork
      2. If they give you something for free, buy something or be sincere when thanking them
    4. Cosplayers
      1. Don’t touch them, ever!
      2. Ask for photos, don’t assume, be tasteful
      3. Don’t be weird and or creepy
      4. Be respectful
    5. Celebrity Guests
      1. Follow the rules
      2. If you’re getting something signed be original, Example Todd McFarlane
  20. Wash Hands!


Written by Nerdebrates

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  • Michael
    April 25, 2017 at 6:48 am

    Great work as always, guys. I’m attending a convention this weekend, so this episode served as a needed reminder in preparing.

    • May 16, 2017 at 9:38 pm

      Glad to hear it, don’t forget to shower!

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